About project


The main objective of the project is to create new tools supporting decisions on local treatment of breast, thyroid and prostate cancers, to achieve the reduction in therapy aggressiveness and decrease of social and economic burden without compromising its efficacy. Innovative molecular tests based on tumor genomics will take into account its heterogeneity (material sampled e.g. by navigated biopsy). Molecular test and supporting ultrasound analysis of thyroid tumors will be applied to decide if patient requires total thyroidectomy or less invasive management strategy. The test will be validated prospectively in multi-center cooperative study. In prostate cancer the molecular classifer will predict tumor aggressiveness (molecular Gleason score), to decide on the initial management. In the breast cancer the molecular test based on material from core-needle biopsy will lead to optimal classification of the tumor subtype. A mobile application for 3D visualization of the tumor volume based on different modalities of radiological imaging (including MR and PET/CT), as well as the tool of breast positioning in relation to the patient body. An algorithm for adequate tumor margin estimation based on molecular studies and imaging will be provided to support the decision on the extent of surgery.